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Baby Language and Conceptual Knowledge Study (BLoCKS)
co-Is Evelyne Mercure (Goldsmiths), Nadja Althaus (UEA) & Marie Smith (Birkbeck)

Baby with an EEG cap on sitting in a high chair

This ESRC funded project investigates the two way interaction between language acquisition and conceptual development.  


We have 3 research aims:

  • to develop better measures of category knowledge in pre-verbal (or non-verbal) children 

  • to understand how language guides category learning 

  • to understand the impact that reduced access to language has on conceptual development, in particular, and cognitive development, in general, in deaf infants born to hearing families

We are planning to begin recruiting for this study in the autumn. We encourage parents, deaf or hearing, with deaf or hearing infants, to let us know your interest. 

  • Publications
    Our first publication will appear here soon!
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