The Development of Attention Control


What make infants engage and disengage with information and why do some infants attend for minutes in a row to a story and persist in trying to to build a tall tower of blocks despite repeated failures?


 Our working hypothesis is that attention is maintained for as long as there is something to learn but that individuals differ in how much they are driven towards new or old information. 

Currently, Cécile Gal is looking for evidence that infants remain engaged with information for as long as they can learn from it. Viktoria Csink is interested in the role of violations of expectation (surprise) in driving learning. Claire Essex investigates why children are so drawn to TABLETs and what is the impact of media exposure to children’s attention and learning. Alicja Brzozowska's studies will shed light on why social interaction through touch promotes exploration.

We have been funded by The British Academy.