Gliga Lab members are interested in understanding early brain and cognitive development. We ask how children choose what to pay attention to and what motivates them to learn. We investigate how language changes the way infants perceive and remember the world. We figure out how sleep helps learning and what perturbs sleep in developmental disorders. The populations that we study span both typical and atypical development.

We ask these questions using electroencephalography (EEG), near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), eye-tracking, observational measures and questionnaires. 

Prospective MSc, PhD students or post-doctoral researchers, please contact us here.

We are in the School of Psychology, University of East Anglia.

Latest News

We will be at the Norwich Science Festival on the 27/11/2021

New team member Declan Mclean joins SNOOSE (01/08/2021)


We talked about sleeping babies at PINT OF SCIENCE: Sleeping synapses, building brains in bed (18/05/2021)


New publication: Nonverbal category knowledge limits the amount of information encoded in object representations (09/05/2021)


New publication: Capturing touch in parent-infant interaction: a comparison of methods


New publication in JAMAToddlers who use touchscreens show attention differences